Doodle Card #229 – Break Hierarchy

Break hierarchy.


Break hierarchy.


One of the functions of a hierarchy is to disconnect between people. It is good for rulers who want to control people, but not good for those who are in the hierarchy; Disconnection kills our creativity and limit our potential.

If you are a leader and your community (or company) has a hierarchy, you might as well consider removing it. Once people get trapped by the hierarchy, they won’t act voluntarily anymore — they just pass your order and do only what they can do now. The hierarchy won’t help your people grow and become creative; it just makes your people a cog in the machine.

If you are a member of a community (or company) that has a hierarchy, observe what works and what doesn’t work in the hierarchy. Start preparing for becoming a leader. Don’t get trapped by the dark side of the hierarchy. When you reach to the top of the hierarchy (yes, it could happen to you), start breaking it. Or when you build your own community or company, make your ideal into a reality.

We are not born to obey. Or to have others obey us. We are born to create, lead, and change.


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