Doodle Card #222 – Create Your Niche

Create your niche.


Create your niche.


An illusion won’t help us at all unless we know how to transform it into something useful.

Sometimes I see businesspeople who want to create something completely new. “I want to build a business that no one ever did.” While I admire their guts, I always ask them: “Well, what is that?” They would say, “I’m thinking about it.”

It’s extremely hard, if not possible, to find something no one ever did. Because we do not know everyone, as well as what they do, on this planet. And in fact “something completely new” is an illusion.

If we deconstruct any existing businesses, we notice one thing: Nothing is completely new. Every business has some similarities with other businesses.

Needless to say, just being similar would not help us build a business. If your business were like a miniature version of something else, you would be crashed by competition. You wouldn’t have enough resource to build something better than anything else, especially at the very beginning.

We need to have a difference along with similarity. Combining several factors of two different businesses is one way to make a difference. What we combined would be somewhat similar with each business, but overall, it’s a different business. There are thousands of examples of successful businesses built this way.

Stop trying to create something completely new. Instead, try to create a new combination that no one ever found. The same applies to personal development. Change your illusion into your asset.


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