Doodle Card #223 – Protect Your Integrity

Protect your integrity even if it means death.


Protect your integrity even if it means death.


Integrity is more important than money. And anything else.

More than ten years ago, when I worked for a company as a Controller, the president of the company questioned my work ethic with no reason nor evidence. He began to wonder whether I was stealing company’s money, treated me like a criminal, and told others to involve in daily operations. It was just his personal doubt; I NEVER committed any criminal wrongdoing. The president might have been gripped by paranoia, but I had no reason to forgive him: I quit the company, letting go of a high salary at the company.

We just can’t work with people who are skeptical about our integrity with no good reason. It’s their problem, not ours — but there is simply no way to accept that.

No matter what happens, we must not have doubt about someone’s integrity with no reason. But higher management of a company sometimes prefer doing this — because it is one of the easiest (and meanest) way to display their authority. As the old saying goes, there is no smoke without fire — but in this case, it is the higher management who feeds the flame, not someone who is in question.

Don’t cross the line, even when everybody does.


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