Doodle Card #240 – 2016 Best Nine On Instagram


Thank you very much for your likes in 2016!

As many Instagrammers do, I’ve also created my 2016 best nine on Instagram. (Check yours here -> )

I had no idea about number of likes in 2016 until I created the best nine. I didn’t even care about getting likes on social media when I started using Instagram again in last May — with less than 50 followers. Most of them were dormant accounts of my old “friends” on Facebook, which I didn’t even remember who the heck they are. They never liked my photos.

But now, I have many followers who are kind and supportive. You are the driving force behind my daily creative practice. Thank you very much for being my followers. I really appreciate it.

I’ll continue my daily creative practice. I’ll keep trying a new thing even though it doesn’t end up with success. If something lets you down, come and see me struggling every day. I want you to know that there is someone who never gives up no matter what happens. If something makes you happy, come and share your positive vibes with us. That makes us happy as well.

Thanks again! 🙂


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