Doodle Card #270 – Examine Your Autosuggestion


Examine your autosuggestion.


Many advertisements take advantage of the power of image. TV commercials, posters, product packages, and book covers — these visuals always talk to our unconscious mind like this: “Here’s what you look for. Buy this so that you’ll make you happy; otherwise you’ll be left behind.” The same applies to social media — They are “contaminated” by the images that draw impulsive response from us.

No matter how we think of ourselves, the truth is that we can be easily affected. So it is better to use this tendency for our own sake, not for someone else.

For example, instead of buying a newly published book, read your favorite classic book again and again — until you internalize what is written in the book. Or go to a public library, pick one book and do the same. You don’t have to spend your money to read a book and make yourself smart. And you consciously choose what to read; you’re not unconsciously forced to read a certain book title by Amazon or someone else.

Once we become conscious of what we do, we begin to notice other’s intention that tries to control us, instead of being unconsciously affected by them. And we start to believe that we can control our behavior and life. This is just an example of the autosuggestion we have to live with for the rest of our lives — so create your own statement about the life you want to live. It’s the advertisement you create for your own sake.