Doodle Card #271 – Seize The Day


Seize the day.


Our life is full of choices. All of us made many choices in the past. We are going to make some decisions today. And we will keep choosing something in the future.

Here is a problem: some people — including my former self — tend to think more about what they could (or should) have done in the past, rather than what they can do now. Even worse, they often create a memory bias — one of common cognitive biases — and make up a different story about what they experienced in the past, like these:

I could have done this if my boss had been supportive to me.” “I could have done that if I had stayed in that company.”

It means nothing to think about these fantasies. Even if we did, we wouldn’t be able to change what happened in the past. It’s just a waste of our brain power. Your former boss or employer still s**ks because of what they did, at least from your current point of view. That’s that.

It is always better to use our imagination to think about what we do now to create the life we want in the future. We are not always able to forget what others — like our parents, teachers, bosses, acquaintances or exes — did to us, but we can always shift our focus from the past to the present moment.

So my friends, seize the day — to make your lives extraordinary.