Doodle Card #106 – Anger Is Another Form Of Insecurity

Anger is another form of insecurity.


Anger is another form of insecurity.


I was always mad at something in my twenties and thirties.

Family. Friends. Strangers. Apartment I lived. My employer. My appearance. My colleagues. My job. And above all, myself. I got furious when I felt threatened. I got mad because I wanted to hide my fear and insecurity.

Getting mad is a fight-or-flight reaction. Even animals do the same. We, human beings, can choose how we behave, thanks to our advanced brain functions.

Nothing in this world has power to threaten us. Unless we allow someone or something to have the power. Unless we admit we are fearful or insecure.

We don’t need to manage anger. We just need to find its root cause: our fear and insecurity. And let them go. Anger is only a byproduct of them.


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