Doodle Card #105 – Take Care Of Your Monkey Mind

Take care of your monkey mind.


Take care of your monkey mind.


Social media is not a trash box for our negative thoughts.

Not a few people use social media that way. I did the same in the past. I see some of my old peers doing the same.

Either consciously or unconsciously, we expect something from others when we post something on social media. Someone would agree with me. Someone would care about me. Someone would feel sympathy for me. Especially at tough times. But when expressing negative thoughts, none of them usually happens. People just think of you as a negative person. Instead of caring about you, they might unfollow or unfriend you.

“Don’t put your monkey on my shoulder”, one of my ex-bosses often told me. I don’t think that such attitude works in workplace, but his statement is true when it comes to our own thoughts and behavior. We should not make our emotional problems others. We should not let our monkey mind play with our social media accounts. That will never fill the void in our mind. After all, our monkey mind creates the void.

You are the only person who can handle your monkey mind. No one else can.


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