Doodle Card #103 – Don’t Underestimate Your Creativity

Don't underestimate your creativity.


Don’t underestimate your creativity.


I always start from scratch. Every morning.

I’ve created more than 100 doodle cards and posted them on Instagram since May 2016. Creating something is now part of my morning routine.

When I wake up in the morning, I have no idea about what I am going to create. Once I start working on doodling, I try to finish it within 30 minutes. Sometimes it takes 60 minutes to finish. Even if it takes longer, I am not always satisfied with what I’ve created. People often prefer the craft I created in 15 minutes. But I keep creating anyway.

Quite often, our creativity gets lazy. We have to shake it up a bit. Our creativity is like our muscle. The more we use, the better it gets. The more tension we create within our creativity, the stronger it becomes.

Everyone has the power to create. All human beings. From ancient cave drawings to Space X. Although we are not Elon Musk, we have the power to create something that matters. We should not underestimate that.

Let us create something. Start small. Do it every day. Never stop creating.


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