Doodle Card #102 – Ignite Enthusiasm

Ignite enthusiasm.


Ignite enthusiasm.


No one has to work for you.

This is what we need to keep in mind when we do something with someone. People need to have a solid reason to do something with you. Even in workplace. Nowadays people don’t have to stick to one job to make a living.

I used to work under the boss who often said “someone has to do that” to force me to do something. That might be true, but his statement was too weak to convince me that I had to do that for him. Eventually I did all the things he mentioned, but I did them for ME. For my learning and growth. For the people I would help in the future by using what I just learned. I didn’t even care if he got all the credit for what I did. That’s what always happens when you work under losers.

People always need to be motivated by something. Something much bigger than a task in front of us. Something bigger than a pay check. Something bigger than themselves. It varies from person to person.

Find that thing. Ignite people’s interest and passion.

Our charisma or authority, even if any, doesn’t help in a long run.


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