Doodle Card #113 – Weirdness Is Much Better Than Sameness

Weirdness is much better than sameness.


Weirdness is much better than sameness.


In Japan, there is a proverb meaning that “if you stick out, you get hammered”.

And this is exactly true. If you are something different from others, you feel strong social pressure that forces you to be similar with everyone else. It happens when you are different enough to be noticed AND similar enough to make people feel that you can be under their influence.

If you are WAY different from others, people just stop evaluating you and say ‘you are weird’.

That gives you freedom. The freedom to stick out. The freedom to do whatever you like to experiment. You feel less social pressure because people think you are weird.

But do it intentionally. Be aware of your weirdness and how it differs from the social norm. Working on the gap will give you a chance to change your reputation from ‘weird’ to ‘remarkable’.


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