Doodle Card #141 – Constraints Boost Creativity

Constraints boost creativity.


Constraints boost creativity.


“If there is no money, use our brain. And always assume we have no money.”

This was my motto when I was employed. To cut expenses and increase profits, I came up with many ideas. Even when the company gave me enough budget (which was rare), I tried not to spend money — until I found the best way to maximize our return. Of course I was not always successful, but having such limitations forced me to think deeply and creatively. And as a small business owner, now I have the huge benefit from the experience.

Our creativity weakens when we have many resources. It sounds odd, but is true in most cases. Because the ultimate source of our creativity is merely our brain, not resources around us. Once we depend on outside resources — consciously or unconsciously — the ultimate source starts losing its power.

Put some constraints on your work. Create them if you have none. Enjoy them.

Even when you have enough resources, leverage them by your own ideas. Don’t fully count on the resources. Because our great work only comes from within.


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