Doodle Card #142 – No Pains Without Gains

No pains without gains.


No pains without gains.


Quite often in our life, it is not easy to believe that “things will work out”.

Things usually won’t work out as we intended. We often get frustrated because we don’t see any result or progress as we originally planned.

Problem is, we don’t know WHEN and HOW things will work out. Oftentimes, things will work out much later than we expected, and in a different way from what we supposed.

You worked really hard, but your project miserably failed. You lost money and reputation. But you also got the experience that can save your fortune in the future.

You studied very hard, but you didn’t pass the exam. You disappointed people around you and with yourself. But you also got the self-discipline that can help you for the rest of your life.

Play the long game in your life and business. Your effort will eventually pay off — in the way that you can’t even imagine now.


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