Doodle Card #128 – Things You Own Do Not Make You A Better Person


Things you own do not make you a better person.


I used to have 1000+ books at home. I read every day. But I was just an egocentric person at that time.

Since then I’ve failed many times. These experiences helped me grow further and understand what really matters.

I threw away most of the books I owned. But it doesn’t make me less intelligent person. I’m not egocentric either.

We are always exposed to the commercialism that makes us feel we need something. Or something makes us look really good. That’s an illusion. It’s true that companies need to sell something to make them profitable, but we do not have to buy from them.

We always have an option. To choose what we need. To have our own criteria. To live our own life. And that allows us to be a better person in our own terms.


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