Doodle Card #197 – Apply Your Worry Wisely

Apply your worry wisely.

Apply your worry wisely.


Apply your worry wisely.


Do you want to ride a bike without brakes?

Learning how to use brakes is vital when we drive a car or ride a bike. They control the speed and stop the car or bike when necessary. We definitely need brakes to avoid an accident — but if we use brakes in a wrong way, it can also lead to a disaster. What would happen if we brake hard while driving a car at a high speed?

Our worry often works like brakes. We can’t completely eliminate our worry from our mind — it is part of the function of our brain. We just have to use it wisely. It can save our lives — if you work too hard and can’t sleep well every day, you definitely need to worry about your physical and mental health.

But our worry also can stagnate our life. If you worry too much about making mistakes, you can’t make any progress. We wouldn’t go anywhere if we always put brakes on our moves.

Use our worry to protect our lives, not to prevent us from moving forward.


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