Doodle Card #196 – Get Disciplined

Get disciplined.


Get disciplined.


I’m a weight training enthusiast. But very mediocre one.

I did weight training only occasionally in my twenties and thirties. It wasn’t until my body was getting really ugly in my forties that I started to work on weight training — a bit seriously. I’ve been doing the training for two years, but am still on the way to transforming my body. One of my buddies at the gym once told me that, if I couldn’t bench the same weight as my body, I was a mediocre weightlifter. It was probably the only time in my life when I felt it was okay to be mediocre for the rest of my life.

Although I go to the gym only twice a week now and am still unable to lift a heavy weight, working on a weight training helps me get disciplined even during a rough time. I can also get an immediate feedback by exact figures — such as the weight I’m lifting, number of repetitions and sets — and easily see my progress (or regress). It helps me keep motivated, and that’s why I keep going to the gym.

I know that a weight training is not suitable for everyone. There are many other things that help you get disciplined in a similar way — and it doesn’t have to be a hard one. Going for a walk for 10 minutes every day, writing or drawing for 15 minutes every day, reading a book for 10 minutes every day — anything goes if you like to do it.

One small habit can get you disciplined. This discipline spreads from one field to another, and eventually becomes a solid foundation of your future life and business.


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