Doodle Card #195 – Make Your Brain Bolder


Make your brain bolder.


Our brain will never be empty. It always creates thoughts and ideas — we just aren’t aware of them, or avoid seeing them as is.

When you think you have no idea, you can generate the craziest idea. Why do we sometimes think we have no idea? It is because our belief or fear prevents crazier ideas — the ideas that seems inappropriate or silly in any way — from being recognized. We are unconsciously killing these ideas before they pop up in our conscious mind.

All we need to do to have our belief and fear shut up for a while. Do this exercise — Pick a piece of paper, and for the next 3 minutes, write down anything in your mind without evaluating anything. You may find many bizarre thoughts and ideas on the paper, but that’s fine. After briefly looking at what you’ve just written, shred the paper. Or burn it. The point is, you never show it to others — even your closest friend or significant other. By repeating this exercise, your brain will learn the way to be bold when necessary. And it helps you generate ideas when other people are paralyzed by their own belief or fear.


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