Doodle Card #236 – Action x Challenge = Growth

Action x Challenge = Growth


Action x Challenge = Growth
行動 x 課題 = 成長


Action leads to growth. If you want to multiply your growth, you need a challenge. But you have to be careful about a few things:

Don’t set a bar too low. If your challenge is too easy, it is no longer a challenge and may cause you to weaken. Starting small is always a good idea to gain momentum; but one small step itself wouldn’t give you huge growth. Take hundreds of small steps, then you would notice your own growth.

Don’t give up easily. Things will not always go well as you expected. You might need to try ten, twenty, or thirty times to achieve one small goal. Remember that the entire process is also part of your challenge.

– When it comes to your own growth, never care about what others say. Other people will never be responsible for your life as well as your growth. They are busy taking care of their own. It is you who decide what is the appropriate challenge for you. Self-awareness will always help you choose the right one.


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