Doodle Card #235 – Haters Can’t Win

Haters can't win.


Haters can’t win.


I hate any kind of authoritarian.

Negative feeling, like hatred, won’t help us. I know that. But I still can’t stop having such negative feeling when I face an authoritarian.

I think I can try to forgive an authoritarian. Because forgiving someone doesn’t mean that we have to love or like them — it just means we prevent our mind from being affected by their words and behavior. We just let go of them.

Haters can’t win. They never win. Even worse, they think they win even though they are destroying their life — the life filled with gratitude and compassion.

I know that. But I still can’t stop hating an authoritarian.

I’m still immature. I still have a hard time to get rid of negative feeling from my mind. I accept that, and keep improving myself one percent a day.


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