Doodle Card #208 – Get Motivated, Fly Higher

Get motivated, fly higher.


Get motivated, fly higher.


Motivation is not given. It is the force we create ourselves.

We need inspiration to create motivation. Inspiration is fuel — we need to expose ourselves to the people, place, and information that are full of inspiration.

Then we need to take action. Taking action is like igniting the gas. We need to keep doing it to produce enough lifting power — that is, motivation.

If we don’t get inspired enough or our action is not enough, our motivation weakens. If you don’t feel like you are motivated enough, ask yourself two questions:

  • Do I get inspired enough?
  • Do I keep taking action, even a small one?

Avoid people and things that don’t inspire you. These are impurities in the fuel, and will destroy your motivation engine in the long run.

Always seek inspiration and keep refueling, even when you already fly high. Unlike a real airplane, there is no risk of midair collision.

And don’t even try to take massive action at the very beginning. Start small, and keep doing until you get enough momentum. Keep doing it even when you have enough lifting power. Fly higher. Massive action is not a single action; it’s a long sequence of small actions.


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