Doodle Card #209 – Build A Foundation For Further Growth

Build a foundation for further growth.


Build a foundation for further growth.


Your professional skills don’t always help you in your life.

They won’t help you when you get sick. They won’t help you if you are emotionally unstable. They won’t help you recover from mental illness. They won’t give you a spiritual wealth. Unless you are a doctor, therapist, psychiatrist or monk.

While we need to develop our professional skills to deliver value to the world around us, we also need to develop ourselves. We need to improve ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually — every single day. These are the foundation for our future growth. The bigger and stronger the foundation becomes, the higher our professional skills can be.

In our life, there is a time to focus on acquiring necessary skills to meet expectations of others — as well as ours. But, especially during a tough time, there is also a time to devote ourselves to recognizing our true self and becoming a better person. This is not a step back; it is an unavoidable step to grow further and unleash our true potential.

Digging deep into ourselves is not always fun. It’s very unpleasant at times. But it’s worthwhile — let us play the long game.


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