Doodle Card #210 – Your Productivity Shows The Structure Of Your Life

Your productivity shows the structure of your life.


Your productivity shows the structure of your life.


Here are my random thoughts about productivity:

Live close to your workplace. While there are things we can do during commute time, it’s much better to sit tight and focus on getting things done.

Reduce meetings and business trips. It’s the same as commute. Just showing up doesn’t mean anything. You are investing the scarcest resource of yours — time. If you show up, get what you want, need, or deserve. If you won’t be able to get them or don’t know how to get them, just sit tight and focus on getting things done.

Manage your billable hours. This “billable” concept might not apply to the people outside service industry, but it is quite vital to maintain any type of businesses. Set up effective and efficient workflows to increase your leads, revenue and/or profit. Maintain them when needed. Then spend your time in creating values — working on final deliverables — as much as possible.

Focus, focus, focus. Don’t just do things in a hurry — always be laser-focused on what matters most. Hustle without focus is just a panic.

Sleep enough. This would be the most important thing to all entrepreneurs and solopreneurs like me, because our body is our business. If you want (or need) to work hard, sleep long enough to get you fully reenergized. If you feel tired — even slightly — when you wake up, you don’t sleep enough. Even if you are an employee, don’t let your employer or boss reduce the sleeping hours you need. If they tried to do so, it would be the time to consider changing your job — because what they do is literally killing you.


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