Doodle Card #300 – A Milestone Is Not A Destination


A milestone is not a destination.


My creative pursuit started from desperation. Before giving up on everything in my life, I wanted to do what I loved most in my childhood: drawing. And now I’m still doing my daily creative practice, and creating my 300th doodle card. It is a milestone, and the daily practice has showed me a whole new world. But I’m still in the midst of my journey.

Our ultimate goal, or goals, should be big enough that we can’t even see the whole picture of it at the beginning. Every day we move toward the next milestone, which is visible, hoping that it will lead to a path to our ultimate goal. Sometimes it does, and we begin to see a clear image of our goal. Sometimes it doesn’t; instead, it poses the question of whether we should keep doing what we’ve been doing.

The road to our goal will never be straight. Going back and forth is inevitable; in fact, it is necessary to reach our real goal. So always be yourself, be honest with yourself, and enjoy the ride.