Doodle Card #301 – Be Renewed


Be renewed.


We can start fresh whenever we want to. This is one of the easiest things to forget in our life and business.

Some people intentionally avoid starting over, especially after they get old. It’s because they have to replace what they already have, at least partially, with something new.

A new pattern of thoughts. A new eating habit. A new policy of our everyday life. A new strategy of our business. A new belief system in ourselves.

Whatever it is, some people—again, especially old people—feel that their identity is denied by accepting something new, and become obstinate in their refusal to start fresh. They also tend to criticize new things and do whatever they can do to justify and continue their (old) way of doing things.

Don’t be petty-minded like them. Accepting new things don’t do anything to belittle ourselves. In fact it’s completely opposite; it just helps us be better and stronger.