Doodle Card #327 – Forgive Yourself


Forgive yourself.


Who’s the most forgiving person you’ve ever met in your life?

Maybe your grandmother or grandfather. It might be your father or mother. No matter who it is, remember their voice. When things get tough and you think you’re a failure, say to yourself in their voice: “You’ll be fine.”

In our life, things often get tough. REALLY TOUGH. Especially if we run our own business. When something bad happens, we tend to blame ourselves or be ashamed of ourselves, and often get stuck with such a feeling of guilt. But most likely, it just makes the situation even worse.

Others may not forgive you forever for what you have done to them. Accept that, but forgive yourself. And keep taking actions to be a better version of you. Remember the voice of your beloved someone saying to you, “You’ll be fine.”