Doodle Card #326 – Stop Selling Yourself Short


Stop selling yourself short.


“Do you mean $4.00?”

He replied to me when I estimated my work at $400. I drew some sketches for him for free at the very beginning of my career as a graphic artist. He didn’t give me a testimonial he promised to give; he didn’t even reply to my email. And six months later, he contacted me unexpectedly, still expected me to work for free, and made a sarcastic remark when I sent a quotation with a “fair” amount.

Some people say that, especially when we launch a new business, we should work for free or very cheap, make customers happy, and ask them for a testimonial. That tactic doesn’t always work—most of the time, it backfires on us. When we work for free or very cheap, people won’t value us anymore; they tend to recognize us as a cheap, dispensable resource. And when we ask for a testimonial, they would think, “Who the heck does this guy think he is? Why should I give him a testimonial for his cheap work?” and become reluctant to do so.

Never sell yourself short. People may say their budget is limited, but that’s a clear sign that they devalue you and your work. Don’t waste your talent and energy on those who don’t value you.