Doodle Card #354 – Actions You Should Take Before Quitting Your Job


Quitting/changing a job is in fact a lifestyle change. When you begin to think that it might be the time to seek a new opportunity, it’s a good idea to start from checking your household budget. Then move to strategic planning.

When you get a job offer, don’t make an impulsive decision. Wait for at least 24 hours. If someone forces you to accept the offer immediately, it’s a bad sign. You might as well consider declining it.

I forgot to add the most important action to the first ten ideas – so I added it as Number Zero at the end. CALM DOWN before taking these actions. When you’re trapped in negative emotions, don’t do any of them—instead, just focus on calming you down. You are going to make a very strategic move of your life, so don’t let your negative feelings to dictate your future. Otherwise, you’ll regret being so impulsive for many years.