I’ve decided to stop…


I’ve decided to stop creating my Doodle Card—in the way I’ve been doing for almost a year.

I’m going to raise the bar; I’ll generate 10 ideas every morning and create doodles along with them. I’m going to do James Altucher’s idea muscle exercise in a visual way, and it’ll be my new daily creative routine.

Ten ideas about what? I don’t know yet. Sometimes it would be business ideas, sometimes about lifehacks, sometimes it might be about recipes for dinner. I will come up with a theme for the day every morning. But of course, no matter what it would be, I will do my best to make them useful and inspirational to you.

You might see more than 10 ideas like I did this time. My brain often doesn’t stop working once it starts generating ideas, even when they are bad ones.

If you have a theme that you want me to generate ideas for, feel free to contact me at anytime! 🙂