Doodle Card #408 – Hear Your Soul


Hear your soul.


We want to believe that we like (or love) what we do. But that’s not necessarily true.

Two decades ago, I thought I loved accounting and finance. I also thought I was lucky enough to have a decent job in that field. But that was completely wrong—what I really love is in fact creating something well-designed or well-organized. I was too afraid to admit that my accounting and finance job was far from it, because that means I had to accept that I made a completely wrong choice of my career. I kept trying to believe that accounting and finance was my thing—and such a false storytelling finally led me to a nervous breakdown.

Many people obsessively focus on the belief of ‘do what you love, love what you do.’ The opposite of this belief—do what you hate, hate what you do—will certainly drive us mad, but this is the reality we face from time to time.

The problem is, we are not always willing to accept that we do what we hate or we hate what we do. We worry that accepting the fact would let us down or make us worthless. But it’s completely opposite; when our ego surrenders, our soul starts telling us what we really love and shows us the way to get there. What we need to do is just listen to it and follow it.