Doodle Card #409 – Our Creativity Is Unlimited


Our creativity is unlimited.


My businesses are gaining momentum, and I often consider whether to stop creating and posting daily doodles on Instagram so that I can save time. Ironically though, my business is growing because of the creativity I developed through my daily doodling.

The quality of my daily Doodle Cards is way below the average of my works. That’s because I always focus on my intuitive inspiration, not the quality of my work, without worrying about what others say or react. Sometimes people like my doodles, sometimes don’t, and the most of the time, they don’t care at all. That’s fine—that’s what creativity is all about.

Because of my daily creative practice, the fear of rejection is getting much smaller than before. That makes me bolder, and helps me generate crazy ideas—and some people do love crazy ideas. I shouldn’t stop doodling, should I? 🙂