Doodle Card #467 – Burn With Curiosity


Burn with curiosity.


What is the one thing you can do ‘like a child’?

When I decided to create a book of my Doodle Cards, I had another look at them and thought about what they meant to me.

I have to admit that I didn’t have a clear goal when I started. I was just devastated and looking for something I can feel I’m alive. Then it turned out that drawing—and later, writing as well—became my daily creative practice and also helped me purify my soul.

I’m neither a professional artist nor a professional writer. I just draw and write something every morning like a child. Out of pure curiosity, I try to find something positive and useful from negative experience of my own. It helps me understand who I am and how I am, regardless of the number of Likes I get on Instagram or other social media.

Doing something like a child helps you discover your true self. For me, drawing and writing did the work. What is your thing? What makes you forget about time, money, reputation, or anything all adults care?