Doodle Card #468 – Set A Bar High


Set a bar high.


A common mistake most of us make is to start from far too behind. It’s not about our abilities to make things done; it’s about our mindset.

We often underestimate ourselves. What we think is our standard can be quite lower than the standard that is suitable for us. And we settle for that—less than what we deserve—because it’s comfortable. Because we don’t have to challenge ourselves. Because lower standards quickly give us a sense of accomplishment. Comfort is a sign of starting from far behind.

When we start from the right place, we feel a sense of excitement. Some may also feel slightly uneasy. Because the right place to start is almost always outside our comfort zone, which is slightly above our standard.

So when you plan to start something, try to make yourself a bit uncomfortable. Set your goal a bit higher than the one you feel comfortable. Demand more of yourself. Believe that you are more capable than you think. If you do so, even when you fail, you can learn much more than what you get from an easy challenge.